Performance Management


HR 課程使管理人員能夠為其員工提供持續和定期的反饋。通過定期輔導和評估會議提供持續反饋。參與者學習如何提出正確的問題,幫助評估設定目標和指標,如何激勵他們,如何傳遞困難的信息,以及如何幫助他們提高生產力。

“寶石不能在沒有摩擦的情況下拋光,也不能在沒有試驗的情況下完善。” – 中國諺語


In today’s competitive market, it is absolutely essential to systematically manage the performance of employees to make them as motivated and productive as possible. Understanding what motivates employees and aligning it with company objectives are the essence of an effective performance management.

Through HR course, participants learn how to perform the role of an appraiser and a coach who needs to work with their direct reports and provide support to them. This course prepares the managers to provide continuous and periodic feedback to their staff. Continuous feedback is provided through regular coaching and through appraisal meetings. Participants learn how to ask the right questions, help appraises to set goals and targets, how to motivate them, how to deliver difficult messages and in short how to help them to increase their productivity.

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” –  Chinese proverb                                     

Course structure contains various distinct sessions where participants learn the specific skills and get to practice each skill in carefully designed exercises.

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